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 Let Take Me To gCloud, LLC come in and customize a home page or a full employee intranet site for your employees already using Google Apps for Work that automatically launches when they open their browser. We will use your logo, colors, pictures and URL's. Allow employees to get to your web utilities & social networks with the click of a button. Easy to remember URL using your domain name (http://inside2.company.com) accessible from anywhere - any device - anytime securely.
We can also come in and do a security and configuration review on your current Google Apps for Work to make sure you are doing all that you can securely and using the latest features and functionality. To schedule a 15-minute demo please send an email to Sales@tmtgcloud.com or call 312-219-2025.
***Your Time Is Due By 3:00 PM Every Friday***

08/17/16 1:00 PM - All Hands Meeting - Big Conference Room

01/01/16        New Year's Day
01/18/16        Martin Luther King Day
05/30/16        Memorial Day
07/04/16        Independence Day
09/05/16        Labor Day
11/24/16        Thanksgiving
11/25/16        Thanksgiving
12/25/16        Christmas Day (Sunday)
12/26/16        Christmas Day Observed (Monday)

Kurt Blachowicz    4 Years  Thanks for all the hard work.

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